Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

— Viktor E. Frankl

Guide and Integration Specialist

Altered states of consciousness provide us with the opportunity to not only expand the space between stimulus and response but to understand and detangle the antecedents that form our response. When we turn our attention inward with curiosity we can uncover the actions that may no longer serve us.

Embark on a journey to discover the authentic you. I will guide you, coach you, and support you with a full fledged commitment of care and compassion. Cultivate the life that you want, deepen your relationship with yourself and others, embrace your fears and anxiety, heal your wounded parts, and experience a new freedom.

I am a formally trained guide. For several years, on my own personal quest, I was involved in expansive state journeys. Those experiences were so powerfully therapeutic for me that I decided to step away from my first career as a chef and undertake formal training in safe and effective journey practices, psychedelic prep and integration, Hakomi Mindfulness-based psychotherapy, and harm reduction disciplines and practices.

Based in Asheville NC, I serve a diverse clientele from young adults just starting out to older folks trying to make sense of their lives. My approach involves looking at one’s life through a holistic lens with compassion and love. I seek to help clients understand their behaviors not as singularly problematic but as intelligent and creative ways their system developed to survive. Through this approach I have helped numerous clients co-create supportive actions for growth and connect back with their inner healing.


What They Say

⦁ Daniel behaved professionally and with great friendliness throughout the entire experience. He took particular interest in helping create a sense of safety and security. He held boundaried space and allowed me to work through difficult pieces without “jumping in” or trying to save me. Daniel was curious and interested during our integration sessions and helped me organize the experience and see how it fit into the context of my life.


⦁ Daniel’s warm demeanor and enthusiasm for our upcoming session was very much appreciated. He was attentive to areas on the intake form that might bring up issues for me during my session and asked if there was anything else I would like him to know before the journey. His attentiveness gave me the sense he was very invested in being as present for my journey as he could be


⦁ Daniel’s easy-going manner and sincere listening inspired feelings of trust in me which was crucial for me to be able to relax during my first journey with a man. We discussed boundaries and consent in our prep sessions which also aided in my ability to relax. During the journey Daniel was well-prepared with music and creating a peaceful environment. He also was intuitive about when to back away and give me space to navigate the journey by myself. I felt extremely safe and knew he was very present to my journey and any needs that might arise. His gentle and confident presence enabled me to relax and accept his help during a very vulnerable experience. There is a beautiful tenderness within you that I feel is one of your superpowers and I am so grateful for my experience with you.


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